Cold Snap Increases Rodent Call Outs
Cold Snap Increases Rodent Call Outs avatar

Damage due to rodent pest

Rodents sheltering from the cold

The number of rodents seeking shelter from the winter elements has increased over the last week, and loft spaces are high on the list of favourite places for our furry little friends, providing shelter from the cold and insulation making excellent nesting material where they like to quickly make them selves at home.  Rodents have to continuously gnaw in order to keep their teeth short and sharp, the above photo taken at a customers premises in Coventry clearly demonstrates the serious damage that rodents can cause to internal electric cables, and in extreme cases can be the cause of electrical fires.

Rodent Pest Precaution

Rats, Squirrels and Mice are all capable of this kind of damage and not all insurance policies will cover the cost, so it’s very important to get the problem sorted out as soon as possible.  There are some simple precautions that companies can take to reduce the risk of rodent ingress, the removal of any tall items stacked or leaning against outside walls such as planks, pallets and racking, creeping plants like ivy or overhanging trees should also be cut back or removed, guards applied to the base of external drain pipes, and the appropriate blocking of any gaps or holes.

If you have any issues with rodents we can provide all the help and support you need to address the problem.  Call us now to help.

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