UK bed bugs on the increase
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Bed Bug Pests

Many people seem to think that the Bed Bug is an insect of the past assuming there are few occurrences in these modern times, but, Bed Bugs have in fact been steadily on the increase in the UK and indeed worldwide for the last ten years.  The use of DDT after the war had a significant impact on bed bug numbers until it was banned in the 1980’s and with the increase of international travel bed bug numbers have increased considerably.

Bed Bug Migration

Some of the most common ways that bed bugs are able to spread is through the movement of luggage, the eggs of a bed bug are extremely small and sticky, enabling them to stick to the bags and cases of holiday makers and travellers visiting hotels or other forms of accommodation both here and abroad.  Second hand furniture, carpets and rugs are also common methods of introducing bed bugs to your premises.

Elimination of Bed Bugs

Advanced Pest Management has a well established reputation for the elimination of bed bugs from nursing homes and university campuses to hotels and holiday accommodation.  We understand the delicate nature of the problem and possible impact this could have on your business and reputation.  The treatment of Bed Bugs is something that has to be done over a period of time, and a number of visits.  Rooms have to be prepared prior to treatment which involves the removal and washing of all bed linen to a temperature of at least 50 degrees.  Furniture may also have to be moved or emptied to allow areas that offer harbourage to be treated.  Working with your Pest Control Officer and following their instructions is just as important as the treatment itself, and customers who are compliant stand the best chance of eliminating the problem as quickly as possible.

If you have any issues with bed bugs please feel free to contact us in absolute confidence for help and advice.

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