Little Rodents Can Cause Big Trouble
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There are a number of mouse species present in the UK, many of which go completely unnoticed mainly because of their timid nature.  However there are a few species of mice that have taken advantage of what man has to offer.  The house mouse being the most common.

The House Mouse

The House Mouse (Mus Domesticus) weighing between 15g and 30g will live in any domestic, industrial or commercial buildings all year round.  Their small size is a disadvantage when it comes to competing with other mouse species, but enables them to enter buildings though the smallest of gaps.  They are prolific breeders, and, if their food supply is plentiful, numbers can increase at an alarming rate.  The gestation period of a mouse is about 21 days.  The young will stay with their mother for about the same period of time.  Once they are mobile and able to eat solid food, female mice are sexually mature after only 35 days, producing an average litter size of 4-6 young, and are able to conceive again whilst weaning their existing young.  With the ability to get all the moisture they need from their food and the food supply being plentiful the potential for mouse numbers to rapidly increase is high.  The control of mice can differ enormously from one environment to the next.  The deployment of toxic bait may have very little effect when competing against existing food sources so the management of food waste and products is essential before control can be achieved.  Early detection of mice can play a large part of preventing a serious infestation.

Advanced Pest Management has been providing the proactive management and control of mice for many years from hospitals to major food manufacturers.  We understand the serious impact that mice can have on your service or business, our contracts can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation taking into consideration the vulnerable areas within your premises and the level of cover you require.

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