Wasps Nests – Spring is just around the corner
Wasps Nests – Spring is just around the corner avatar

Wasp Nest
Wasps Nest

With April fast approaching, the insects that have hidden themselves away during the winter months will soon start to emerge, Bumble Bees are usually one of the first to establish their presence and are often mistaken for wasps.

Bumble Bees

Bumble Bees play an important part in the pollination of plants and having a very placid nature will not pose a risk unless directly threatened or disturbed.  A nest of a Bumble Bee is of a shoddy construction and a well established nest will only house between 200 to 400 bees.

Wasps Nests

Wasps on the other hand are a little more aggressive, however, for the majority of the summer they do play an important role in keeping the numbers of other insects down by collecting them in their powerful jaws and taking them back to the nest to feed to the developing larvae, the larvae in return will excrete a sweet sugary solution on which the workers will then feed.  This exchange of food will go on through the summer until around the month of August when the new queens are born to mate and retire into hibernation to begin the cycle again the following year. The workers are now redundant, and in no longer receiving their sugary fix, they start to become a nuisance seeking out sweet sources of food and becoming tipsy on fallen and fermenting fruit.

Wasps Pest Control

The control of wasps can be a dangerous process particularly when carried out in late summer as wasp numbers are at their highest, the right PPE and application equipment is an essential part of treating a nest safely, and we would always advise seeking professional help as over 800 people were admitted to hospital as a result of stings last year and an anaphylactic reaction can sometimes be fatal.

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