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There are literally thousands of moth species through out the world, but one of the most notorious in the UK must be the cloths moth that can be found in many different environments and its larvae can be responsible for the damage of a wide range of organic products and materials such as fur, feathers, woven fibers and fertilizers.  Indeed thousands of pounds worth of stock and products are lost every year to the Cloths Moth.

The Warehouse Moth is another pest that is perhaps not so well known domestically but is a formidable foe of the food industry and if not controlled can affect large amounts of product making it unfit for use by contaminating the product with silk which is produced by the larvae along with frass (faecal pellets) that are impossible to remove from certain food stuffs such as grains or pulses.


The life cycle of a moth is called complete metamorphosis meaning four stages, Egg, Larvae, Pupa and Adult. the larval stage is the stage at which the damage to materials takes place, predating on organic material the larvae will go thorough several stages of growth before pupating and then emerging as sexually mature adults.

Moth Pest Solution

Advanced Pest Management has been monitoring sensitive areas within the food manufacturing industry for many years, if your in the business of producing food, we’re in the business of providing all the help and support you need to pro-actively manage the threat that moth pests can pose to your business.  We can also provide continuous updating of all the necessary paper work to comply with the latest BRC requirements.

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