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European Rabbit


So what have the Romans ever done for us?  Well, they did introduce the rabbit, a good source of protein and fur that can be used to keep you warm. They are easy to breed, so the rabbit wasted no time in making its self at home and has often become the victim of its own success.


Some times mistaken for rodents, rabbits belong to the order lagomorpha and do in fact have a second pair of smaller teeth directly behind the larger teeth making them different from rodents.

The main breeding season will be between the months of January and August but this will depend upon weather and temperature.  Breeding has been known to take place in the winter, but, the morality rate among young rabbits at this time of the year is very high.

The gestation period of a rabbit is around 28 – 30 days, and with the average litter size of around 5 young, females may produce up to 5 litters a year making the potential for rabbit populations to swell quite rapidly.  Large rabbit populations that exist unchallenged can cause significant damage to crops, vegetation and undermine structures when constructing their burrows (warrens).


Advanced pest management has been controlling rabbit populations for many years, our preferred method of control is the use of Aluminium Phosphate which will effectively reduce numbers whilst causing a minimum of disruption to the function of our customers.

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