Ant Behaviour
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The seasonal behaviour of the UK garden ant was once something that could be marked on the calendar, but, with the change in UK weather conditions over the last decade their habits have become less and less predictable.  Indeed the annual mating season was usually around the start of August when new born queens and males took to the air to begin the mating process, but this year in particular seems to have broken away from the normal pattern and we have seen flying ants as early as June.

Persistent Insects

We are often asked “why do I get ants in the same place every year”, well, although ants are of the same order as wasps and bees (Hymenopterans), the main difference is that the queen ant can live for anything up to ten years, the centre of an ant nest can be as far as five feet below the surface of the ground making it extremely difficult to apply insecticide directly to the nest and although surface sprays will knock back the numbers and probably relieve the problem for the remainder of the year in a lot of cases it will not completely eliminate the nest.

Gel Baits

Professional Gel Baits have come a long way over the last few years, the baits are laced with an insecticide and formulated to be highly attractive to the worker ants that will then take the bait back to the nest to feed to the queen and larvae, however in our experience the timing of application is critical to the success of the treatment.  Once ants have chosen a food source it can be very difficult to get them to switch to something different so the use of gel baits is more effective at the beginning of the season when the ants first start to emerge, given the change in the UK weather, deciding when to apply Gel Baits can be a bit of a challenge.

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