Fly Screens And Flying Insect Pests
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fly screen
Fly Screen installed around a window

It is that time of year again.  The weather gets hot and muggy and you open up your doors and windows for a bit of fresh air.  Once it gets too hot, flying insect pests will enter buildings as they fare no better than we do after it reaches 25 degrees C.  They need shelter and will seek a cooler environment.  You let them in because windows and doors are wide open.

The pest control industry in the United Kingdom offer the service of supply and fitting these fly screens in a very professional manner where the screens can even be colour coded to match the doors and windows of most properties.  The beauty of it all is that once installed they still allow for the summer breeze (free flow of air), essential at this time of year.

For some reason we Brits are slow to embrace the use of fly screens on doors and windows.  In America and Canada the fitting of screens forms an integral part of the building specifications of buildings.

The strong durable aluminium framed insect screens APM install are designed specifically for industrial and commercial use.

I am happy to report that my company has been awarded a large contract to install fifteen fly screens to cover windows at a local hospital in each of their ward kitchens.  Their patients will now be able to enjoy the summer breeze and be free from flying insects.  So if you enjoy the summer breeze give us a call.

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