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Man has been battling against pests for thousands of years, it is estimated that without the application of control, pests would consume and spoil one third of all the food that we produce and in some countries this would almost certainly result in starvation.

Because of the prolific way in which some pests can reproduce, early detection is critical to reducing high levels of loss. The storage of unnaturally high quantities of food has the potential to encouraging unnaturally high populations of pests.

Detection isn’t just about preventing loss it’s also about highlighting contamination before food is allocated for human consumption.

Birds, Rodents and insects are all capable of infecting our food reserves rendering it unfit for consumption. The BRC (British Retail Consortium) works closely with the pest control industry to formulate proactive measures that are designed to reduce the risk of loss due to pests.

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Pest Control Service

Advanced Pest Management has been providing pest detection and prevention services for over 20 years and specializes in the provision of theses services for the food and beverage industries by providing external monitoring and control of rodents and internal monitoring and control of rodents, crawling insects and flying insects ensuring that the risks to those sensitive areas within your business are greatly reduced.

British Retail Consortium

The gathering of monitoring and detection information is recorded analyzed and presented in a format specifically designed to satisfy the requirements laid down by the BRC.

If you require any further information on our services for your business or would like a site survey and face to face consultation with one of our pest control officers, please call us on 01630 652958.