Cold Weather Drives Rodents Indoors
Cold Weather Drives Rodents Indoors avatar

rodent traps
Rodent pests caught in traps

It’s that time of year again when those unwanted fury tenants move into places where they are not welcome.  Just a few reminders to people out there that there are a few things that you can do to reduce the risk of rodents invading you premises.

  • Keep external doors closed, rodents are always looking for an opportunity to get out of the cold, and an open door can sometimes be the perfect chance to slip inside.
  • Manage your organic waste appropriately, spillages of food or empty food containers can often attract rodents, and once in the vicinity of your building can increase the chance of them coming inside.
  • Feeding the local wildlife such as birds and squirrels will also increase the chance of attracting rodents, so where possible eliminate the practice all together, or reduce the amount of food being put out.

Remember that rodents not only pose a risk in terms of contamination, but they can also present a fire risk by gnawing power cables and junction boxes as the picture clearly demonstrates of a chewed cable that has already shorted out.

Rodent Cable Damage
Rodent pests cause electrical damage

If you do have an issue with rodents, then give us a call on 01630 652958 as soon as possible before the situation becomes more serious.

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