Warm Temperatures Provoke Cluster Fly Activity
Warm Temperatures Provoke Cluster Fly Activity avatar

cluster fly
The Cluster Fly

Cluster flies are normally associated with the autumn or spring seasons, but with the recent increase in temperatures, the flies have emerged from their dormant state posing a nuisance to home and business owners in areas that should normally be fly free at this time of the year.

There are some risks associated with the accumulation of these flies in roof voids in particular.  Halogen ceiling lights which are a common fixture in roof voids of offices and homes often attract these flies due to the heat that they omit as part of their function, and a heavy accumulation of flies around such an appliance can become a fire hazard.

The insecticidal treatment of a loft space or roof void during peak times of activity is normally sufficient to reduce the problem to an acceptable level, however, there are occasions when some infestations are more persistent and a more long-term strategy is required such as the deployment of an electronic fly killer.  Care needs to be taken when choosing such a device particularly if high volumes of flies are involved which could overwhelm the capacity of the unit and again pose a fire risk.

Advanced Pest Management has been dealing with Cluster Fly problems for over 20 years whether it be the deployment of an appropriate electronic fly killer, or the insecticidal treatment of a loft space you can be sure that your problem will be dealt with appropriately.  If you need any help or advice when dealing with your fly problems please call us on 01630 652958.