Electronic Fly Killers Monitoring or Control
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There are many fly control units on the market ranging from cheap entry level up to units specifically designed for a purpose. Deciding which unit is the most appropriate for your environment is not as simple as it sounds, and we quite often come across units that have been poorly sited or they are just not fit for purpose.

There are two main types of units, the first is what most people would call a traditional design that operates a high voltage low current grid that kills the insect when it passing between the negative and positive bars resulting in the insect creating a circuit between the two.

There is no question that these units are very effective, but care should be taken when siting these units in a food preparation or production environment as the high voltage will quite often result in the target insect breaking up and body parts often end up being thrown outside of the unit creating a risk of contamination particularly if the units are mounted above food preparation surfaces or cookers with open saucepans full of cooking food.

titan 300
Titan 300 Fly Killer

The second unit is a unit containing a high tack sticky board which the target insect will stick to when attracted into the unit eliminating the danger of the contamination risk posed by the first unit. however both these units will only provide a certain amount of control and are not designed to deal with large volumes of insects, if the units require emptying regularly this would be an indication that a more proactive method of control is required such as the instillation of fly screens on windows or doors to reduce the risk of  insects gaining access to the area in the first place.

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Chameleon Fly Killer

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