Asian Hornet Threat in 2017
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Asian Hornet

Bee keepers will this year be ushering in the summer months with some trepidation following sightings of the Asian Hornet (Vespa mandarinia) in Gloucestershire and Somerset in the autumn of 2016. The insect which is already well established in main land Europe was spotted in the area of Tetbury and a nest was subsequently found in a tree and destroyed, however, the fact that the hornets favored nesting places include holes in the ground and around tree roots would suggest that there may well have been other nest’s that have evaded detection.

The hornet predates on the UK honey bee which is already in decline and will have a further detrimental effect on Honey Bee populations.

Possible Hornet Threat To Public Health

The hornet which is slightly bigger than the native European Hornet  (Vespa crabro) can become quite aggressive when threatened and can sting multiple times whilst omitting a pheromone which is designed to attract fellow hornets to deal with the threat. The pest control industry is in the process of formulating a strategy to deal with the insect as current PPE is deemed to be of no use against the insects sting, and there is no clear policy at the moment as to weather the Asian Hornet is officially classed as a target insect.

We will bring you more news on the subject as things develop.

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